Sunday, April 27, 2014

Don't Let Your Pet's Treats Sabotage Their Healthy Diet

Treats play and important part in your pet's life. They are used for training, for dental care, to aid digestion, and for stress relief. But many treats can be doing as much harm as good if they are filled with unhealthy and toxic ingredients. Unknowingly, you may be sabotaging your pet's healthy diet.

Beware of these toxic ingredients lurking in your pet's favorite treats

Propylene Glycol: This petroleum based chemical preservative is a main ingredient in antifreeze. Although it is toxic to dogs you will find it on the ingredient list of many dog treats.

BHA/BHT: Chemical preservatives and possible carcinogens.

Artificial colors: Including yellow #6, an artificial coloring, often found in cat treats, that can cause feline kidney tumors.

When fed daily, over your pet's lifetime treats play a major role in their daily nutritional intake.  Poor ingredients can have a negative impact on your pet's health, the complete opposite of the benefits they are supposed to achieve.

Read labels carefully and choose treats that have wholesome ingredients free of chemical and artificial additives. Beware of harmful ingredients that could cause allergic reactions in your pet or be toxic over time. Life's Abundance has wonderful, healthy treats for your dog and cat that help, not harm.

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