Friday, July 4, 2014

Bugs and Weeds? Protect Your Pets (and The Bees) by Going Natural

On a recent trip to a local nursery to purchase garden plants I saw a wonderful sight more beautiful than the many colors of the annuals or the varied hues of the flowering trees.

Though I'm not sure the bumble bee fits into the category of furry and feathered friends, they are a wonderful part of the world and the environment.  Sadly, colonies have been dying and the bee population is becoming drastically reduced. Environmental changes may be partly to blame but human intervention and their lack of regard for the earth is playing a major role.

As both an animal lover and gardener I find this to be of great concern.  I recently learned that some garden center treat their plants with a pesticide that repels bees. Sadly this shows just how far some will go to achieve a pristine, bug free environment for ascetic reasons with a total disregard for the balance of nature.

If we would only look towards the many natural, environmentally friendly alternatives to chemical pest control it would benefit the environment, quality of life, and the health of our pets. In recent months I have seen in increase in the number of home gardeners toting around large containers of chemical weed killers as they spray every inch of their lawn and garden. Do they not realize that the spray is not only killing the weeds but it is poisoning the environment and making it toxic for pets and other animals?

Before reaching for the chemicals, know that the following are only some of the tools and ingredients for natural pest control:

  • vinegar
  • salt
  • cinnamon
  • dry grits
  • borax
  • Epsom salt


  • Sprinkle dry, uncooked grits or cinnamon in areas where ants are active. Apply along the edge of windowsills, edges of door frames, or along the the walls of the counter top to keep them away.
  • Ants by your pet's food a problem? Clean the floor around the bowls with a 2:1 solution of water and white vinegar
Got Weeds?

Don't reach for the Roundup. Natural weed killers are easy to mix and use. Click Here for a natural weed killer recipe using vinegar, dish detergent, and Epsom salt.

Think natural and "go green" for safe pets, beautiful gardens, and a healthy environment.

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  1. We opted out of using a few lawn companies to deal with our weed infested lawn because we couldn't keep our pets safe. Better the weeds than harming the dogs.