Monday, February 2, 2015

4 Rules For A Better Behaved Dog

We have all been there. Your puppy is misbehaving, doing everything you don't want them to do. Ignoring everything they know about good behavior.  But they look so cute! The mischievous look in their eye, the wagging tail, the joy on their face. How can you be angry? After all, they're only a puppy.

Puppies grow fast and learn quickly - both good and bad behavior. Behavior that is "cute" for a puppy can be dangerous when acted out as an adult dog. Don't encourage or overlook when your little 10lb puppy jumps up on you or others. Will this behavior be as cute when they are 50+ pounds?

4 rules that should be followed whether your dog is a tiny puppy or a full grown adult dog:

Be Consistent:

No is no and needs to be all the time.  Allowing the behavior some of the time will translate to your dog that it is allowed all of the time. If you don't want your dog to jump up on people, then they cannot be allowed to greet anyone this way. Leash pulling cannot be allowed no matter who is walking them. When things are not consistent dogs cannot distinguish between right and wrong.

A Treat is a Treat:

If a treat rewards good behavior then your dog will learn that if they act in an acceptable manor they will get a treat. However, if treats are plentiful they loose their attraction causing your dog to no longer respond to this positive reinforcement. Only reward good behavior and only give treats for this purpose.


All dogs, especially high-energy breeds need exercise. Walk, play ball, do indoor activities to engage your dog's mind - any activity that will fight boredom and work off energy. The result will be a dog that is more focused and better behaved.

Feed Quality Food:

Feed quality food and the result will be a happier and healthier dog. They will feel better, have more energy, and be more focused. Their diet should consist of high quality proteins without chemicals or fillers. For more information please visit What Should NOT be in your pet's food.

There are so many ways your pup will try to look cute. My dog Dallas' cute smile and wagging tail are hard to resist. What are some of your dog's irresistible behavior tricks?


  1. Cookie has plenty of energy and focus. Not always on the right things, though ;-)

  2. I love your four rules, especially the quality food one.

  3. These are great tips. I had a German Shepherd and she was a very active puppy. Her training was hard - because she was so cute - but we knew she was going to be a big dog.

  4. We've used all of these with our new pups - and for one they work fine, but for the girl doggy, she likes pets and cuddles versus food! Go figure - it took us a while to understand, but we got it now! Great post and thanks for sharing!

  5. That was one of the toughest things to learn when we took Bailey to his obedience training. He is cute, but that doesn't excuse bad behavior.

  6. If I could teach my boyfriend to be consistent I'm confident my dog would have a few less annoying behaviors. For some reason he loves giving her treats all the time, and he encourages her whining by constantly asking her "what's wrong?" and petting her. Men, I tell ya.

  7. Great tips!

    Unfortunately, I find that many dogs have behavior issues because they are lacking in both physical exercise and mental stimulation. Many dogs (and people) need more exercise!

  8. Worthwhile dog behavior tips for sure. My sad-eyed coonhound stands and stares at me with his tail slowly wagging and thinks that will get him another walk in the neighborhood. It usually does AFTER I explain that he has to wait 15 minutes. And he has learned to lay down beside me at my desk and waits!