Tuesday, January 27, 2015

5 Surprising Health Benefits of Walking Your Dog

Do dogs know all the benefits of a daily walk?

Dogs love to go out for walks. One of the great joys of being a dog walker is seeing happy faces and wagging tails greet me at the door when I arrive for a daily walk. Besides the joy of seeing the excited "happy dance" of my furry friends, being outside can be very beneficial to your health. Many benefits come from the absorbtion of vitamin D obtained from being out in the sun:

Stronger Bones:

Calcium and vitamin D work together to keep your bones strong. A daily dose of sun will help provided the vitamin D needed to help your bones absorbe calcium. This is an extra bouns since walking is also a "weight bearing exercise" which means you are helping your bones stay strong with every step.

Better Sleep: 

Physical activity during the day is always a great first step to a good night's sleep. Whether it be a vigourous workout over rough terrain, a run with your dog, or a leisurly stroll through the park, they all have their benefits. A heart pumping workout may make you tired but a slow, relaxing walk will help reduce stress. Walk at a pace that is comfortable to both you and your dog and you will find you are more energized every morning.

Improves Balance:

Research shows that those who have Vitamin D combined with Calcium have better balance and reduced risk of falls. More walking can keep you standing on your feet!

Reduced Stress:

Simply spending time with a furry friend is known to reduce stress. Exercise is another stress reducer. Combine them both and you cannot help but become more relaxed.

Lower Blood Pressure:

A walk on a sunny day is very beneficial to your heart. Not only is it aerobic but it has been found to be a wonderful way to lower blood pressue. This simple exercise will help you manage your weight and fight obesity. Studies have also linked proper amounts of Vitamin D to keeping proper blood pressure levels.

The American Heart Association reports that research shows walking just 30 minutes a day can reduce your risk of heart disease, osteoporosis, and many other ailments. Visit WebMD for further information on how Vitamin D from the sun can be beneficial. Always be sure to use sunscreen for prolonged sun exposure and don't start any new or vigiours exercise without first consulting your doctor.

What better way to stay healthy than spending some time with your favorite furry friend?

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