Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Paw Prints In The Snow...The Joy Of A Winter Dog Walk

It has been a cold, snowy winter and all of the dogs I walk, love it. When the dogs are excited to walk, even cold weather walks are enjoyable for me although I would much prefer walking on a sandy beach. For the pups, every walk in the snow is an adventure.

I enjoy winter walks the nost when the snow is still falling and everything is white and beautiful. Falling snow confuses some of my furry friends and they will lift their heads to the sky to see where this white stuff is coming from. Others don't even seem to notice and just enjoy their walk as they would any other day.

Once the snow is on the ground, it's a puppy winter wonderland! Some want to lay down and roll around. Others love to dig, or poke their nose deep in the piles as if looking for hidden treasure. None of them mind the cold or the wetness, they just see it as fun.

Their joy makes me smile and will brighten a winter day every time. Best of all, they leave behind one of my favorite things of winter - paw prints in the snow! All different sizes, in different patterns, leaving behind wonderfully cute reminders of the fun that was had.

Then, when the sun comes out, and the snow begins to melt, the  new source of excitement are the uncovered patches of grass that appear. For the dogs it's an opportunity to sniff the upcoming spring. For me it's a symbol of the warmer weather that will soon be here.

Does your dog like to make paw prints in the snow?

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