Thursday, January 30, 2014

What Should NOT Be In Your Pet's Food?

Have you ever read the ingredient label on the pet food you are feeding your dog or cat? Many are comprised of a long list of items you cannot pronounce or would not want to see on your dinner plate.  You may also see some ingredients listed in several different forms. Instead of just dismissing it as "well that's what dogs/cats eat" take a minute to see what these harmful ingredients are and the damage they can cause to the health of your furry friends.

There are many questionable ingredients in pet food, but in my opinion one of the most harmful is corn. Why corn? Because to a dog or cat, corn has not nutritional value, yet  it is used in abundance as a filler ingredient in many brands of food. Corn is not easily digestible, puts stress on the kidneys and is seen as a contributing factor for diabetes and obesity.  If that wasn't enough to worry about, much of the corn grown in the US is from genetically modified (GMO) crops, which bring additional chemicals into the food bowl.

Corn, like other ingredients in pets foods, comes in multiple forms including corn meal and corn gluten. Same for wheat, another grain used as filler, that has the potential for allergic reactions and can cause skin conditions in dogs.

Another unnecessary additive found in pet foods is artificial colors. Does the food seem healthier because some of the kibbles are red, orange and green resembling vegetables? In fact, there are no vegetables to be found in these brightly colored pieces, only artificial coloring. The coloring is added to make the food look more appealing to the human eye and give the false impression that the food in healthier. Our pets are not fooled! Their sense of smell tells them that what is in their food and it is not necessary for it to be "visually appealing".

Animal by-products. See this on your pet's food label and you are feeding them food that is "not fit for human consumption" including animal intestines, stomach, and internal organs. These by-products can be from any animal and their origins are unknown. To produce by-product meal, these animal parts are dried and then processed into a powdered substance. It carries the risk of disease and allergic reactions for our precious pets.

Other harmful ingredients found in many pet foods are chemical preservatives including BHA/BHT and propylene glycol, which have the potential for adverse health problems over time, are possible carcinogens, and can be toxic in large doses.

When deciding on what to feed your pets always check the label. You will be surprised to learn that even the products labeled as "premium" and have a higher price tag still contain many questionable ingredients. Don't forget to check your pet's "treats" as well. Most pet treats are laden with a multitude of fillers, chemicals, and other harmful additives.

What products do you use for your pets? After learning first hand the ill effects of bad food, I  now use and highly recommend, Life's Abundance pet food and products. No fillers, artificial colors or preservatives and only the best organic ingredients. To learn more about how these wonderful products can help all your furry friends live happy, healthy lives please Click Here to visit my Replicator site

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