Monday, February 3, 2014

Snow Day with Furry Friends!

My furry friends and I walk in all types of weather and this winter has been exceptionally challenging. Much more snow this year then we are accustomed to here. Some of my doggie friends love the snow and some, like me, cannot wait for spring.

Despite the weather, the pups must go out so some choose to get dressed and ready for the cold:

Bailey LOVES the snow!

Others look at me as if to say "did we really have to come out here?":

My dog Dallas dislikes the snow so much I need to shovel out spots on the grass so she will "do what she needs to do". While everyone else is shoveling their walks, I'm shoveling grass. The things we do for our furry friends!

What does your dog do when they see the snow?


  1. My boy runs around in it and eats chunks of snow from the snow piles. He loves the cold weather.

  2. Dakota is the same as Dallas and we must shovel the snow must be a Sheltie "thang"

  3. My labradoodle loves the snow, but the stuff we get in our neck of the woods (Vancouver, BC) is so wet and sticky that his legs turn into white pillars very quickly, and he flops down to start chewing them free. :) I'm considering little doggie snow gaiters!