Thursday, November 22, 2012

Giving Thanks

This Thanksgiving as I reflect on the year that is coming to an end I can fully appreciate all that a furry friend can bring to your life.  I am fortunate to be able to share my days with many different animals that have truly become friends.  After Hurricane Sandy revenged through my area leaving distruction in its path it became even more apparent to me how much pets impact our lives in many ways.

After the storm, my dog Dallas was a positive influence on all around her.  Ready to continue life despite the chaos that was brought to her neighborhood, she was ready for her daily walks as usual.  As we ventured out she happily greeted neighbors who were visually shaken by the results of Sandy's fury.  Dallas radiated happiness through it all and, as she greeted everyone with a wagging tail, was a beacon light bringing hope of better days to come.

Thank you Dallas for always greeting me at the door with a happy face and wagging tail.  Your love of life is contagious and you bring joy to my life every day.

To my kitties - you away stand strong and bring a calming comfort.  My big kitty Tiger, you stayed strong through the storm, wanting to stay and protect your home and your family. Precious Violet, you radiate joy and your purrs and kitty hugs lets me know that, no matter what happens, everything will be alright.

As a pet sitter and dog walker I consider myself very fortunate to spend my days caring for many different pets.  Each one brings something special to my life and those that I see everyday have become trusted friends.  When I arrive for a daily walk I am always greeted with a wagging tail and the excitement they show always brings a smile to my face.  An outing with my "walking buddies" is the perfect cure for a bad day.

Since the storm I have not been able to visit with all of my furry friends and the daily walks have temporarily been put on hold.  I miss my walking buddies and our daily outings but I know we will be seeing each other again soon. When I walk through the door I know I will be greeted with faces filled with joy and wagging tails filled with anticipation.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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