Thursday, December 6, 2012

Holiday Mishaps Can Become Legendary Stories

Anyone who shares their lives with pets probably has a good holiday story to share.  Cute holiday outfits, photos with Santa, maybe even holiday shopping with the pup.  Sometimes the stories are of stolen food off the holiday buffet, kitty up the tree, or prematurely opened presents.  Everyone has a story to tell and even if the event did not go as planned, the holiday mishaps can become legendary. Here are some ways to make the holiday season fun and safe for everyone involved in the holiday festivities.

Photos with Santa

When taking your pup to a photo shoot make sure it is a time of day when they are at their best.  High energy dogs would do best after a long walk or play session.  If your pup tends to be nervous around new people and places arrive early to have enough time for your pup to get acclimated to the new situation.  Bring along their favorite toy and treats, anything that would make them more comfortable and provide stress relief. Most importantly, make sure you allow potty time before your pup jumps up on Santa's lap!

Holiday Gatherings

Exercise high energy dogs before the guests arrive. Provide toys and activity during the party to act as a distraction for your pup.  Since all the holiday food is sure to catch your dog's attention it's a good idea to have dog friendly food and treats readily available. This is a great time to introduce a new toy or favorite special treat to keep your pup busy.  Keep the holiday food buffet out of reach or in a room that is "off limits" to your pup.  Your dog may decide to grab something off the buffet or jump right up on the table to be in the middle of it all to sample the goodies.

Kitty and the Christmas Tree

Kittens especially love to climb trees and decorated Christmas trees are no exception.  Good climbers can make their way to the top and settle in among the branches making the tree their room with a view.  Ornaments with shiny, dangling decorations are especially eye-catching.  To avoid tree mishaps position ornaments so strings and moving pieces don't catch kitty's attention.  Be sure to have a sturdy stand for your tree and position it in a spot with minimal access to your kitty and where it is less likely to cause damage if it were to topple over.

Be careful of the packages under the tree too.  Curling ribbon is a favorite of many cats and grabbing the ribbon can turn small packages into fun toys to bat around.  The result may be a destroyed present or one that goes missing for months under a couch.  This is one reason why it's important to keep this type of ribbon out of kitty's sight at all times.  Ribbon can also be harmful or fatal if swallowed so it is best to keep it out of kitty's reach. 

If there are packages that contain any type of food it is best not to put it under the tree.  Cats and dogs will be able to smell the food right though the wrapper and, if they would like to sample the contents, the package doesn't stand a chance.

Enjoy a wonderful holiday and make happy memories with your pets.  Although things may not always go as planned, the stories that are created will be enjoyed for a lifetime.


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