Sunday, April 29, 2012

Did a Bunny Arrive at Easter?

Did a live bunny arrive in you Easter basket?  Bunnies are very sociable, make great pets and loving companions. Interact, play, socialize and keep your bunny happy and healthy by providing a safe living area, proper food and lots of love.

A Safe Living Area
Rabbits are usually associated with living outdoors or confined to a hutch. Domesticated bunnies should live indoors only where they will not be subjected to predatory animals, adverse weather, fleas, ticks or other dangers.  Indoors, they should have a protected place to call their own.  The space should be large enough to give them space to stretch their legs. Small dog fencing works great.  They should always be in their space when they cannot be supervised but also need to be able to venture out of their space for sufficient exercise.

If your home is properly rabbit proofed they can be allowed roam free around the house.  For your home to be rabbit proof all wires need to be put out of reach or covered. Electrical wires are especially dangerous since bunnies can easily chew through them causing damage to the wires and possible electric shock.  Plumbers plastic tubing works well for encasing wires. Simply cut tubing to desired length, slit and slip wires inside.

Litter Box
Rabbits can easily be taught to use a litter box. Box should be just large enough to fit your bunny.  To litter box train put bunny in the litter box every time you hear scratching noises that indicate your bunny needs to go (usually shortly after eating).  Be consistent and the training will be successful.

In 1859 24 rabbits were released in Australia within 6 years the population grew to 2 million --Snapple Real Fact #582

Keep a bowl of rabbit pellet food available for grazing. A variety of pellet type food is widely available. Once you find the type of food your bunny likes it is good to stay with that food to keep the diet consistent. Bunny should also have a supply of Timothy hay always available to chew (important for good digestive health). Leafy greens, including lettuce, spinach and parsley, should be made available every day as well.  Foods such as carrots, grapes, raisins and other high sugar fruits and vegetables should only be given as an occasional treat. Always make sure their is drinking water available.

Bunnies are social and playful and should be given plenty of time to play and interact with their humans.  Roll a ball and they will have a lot of fun hopping after it. Provide a small cardboard box that they can jump in and out of, move around, or climb up on. Cardboard paper towel rolls make great toys that they can also chew.

Interact and socialize with your new furry friend and they will become loving companions.


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