Sunday, May 6, 2012

Beyond the Walk

Is your dog a sports fan with a competitive nature? If your pup loves to run, socialize and play ball introduce them to the fun of being part of a team! Team sports can be enjoyed by all dogs regardless of their breed or size.


Shetland Sheepdogs, Border Collies and Jack Russel Terriers are excellent competitors in agility but any high energy attentive dog will enjoy.  The team consists of 1 dog and their handler.  Using only commands and hand signals (no contact or treats allowed) the handler guides the dog through a course consisting  of obstacles that the dog must run through, over, under and around. Among the obstacles that will be encountered along the way include weaving flags, tunnels, and see-saws.  Each one provides its own unique challenge. The goal is to complete the course with the best accuracy and the fastest time. Sound like an activity you and your dog might enjoy?  Visit USDAA Dog Agility at to learn more.

Dock Jumping

Labradors are especially adept at dock jumping but any breed or size of dog that likes water can participate. Participating as a team of 1, dogs jump from the edge of a dock into a body of water competing for distance or height.  A toy, or other object, may be used as incentive. Dogs are judged on the length or height of the jump. Interested in learning more? Visit


Flyball is a relay style team sport played on a 51' (15.5m) course consisting of evenly spaced hurdles. Competing in teams of 4, each dog runs down the course, while carrying a ball and jumping the hurdles. The first team to successfully complete the course is the winner. This sport can be enjoyed by all as teams can consists of different sizes of dogs competing together since the height of the hurdles is determined by the smallest dog on the team.  For complete rules, additional information or to find a team visit the North American Flyball Association website:

These are just a few of many sports you and your pup can enjoy. To learn more about these and other sports visit

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