Sunday, April 22, 2012

Celebrate Earth Day Every Day

Animals are naturally earth friendly.  Instinctively, they know how to care and protect the environment. By following your pet's lead you can easily make environmentally friendly choices every day.

Every indoor cat is responsible for hundreds of pounds of kitty litter that is disposed of in landfills every year.  A majority of this litter is made from clay, a super absorbent odor killing material that does not break down and decompose. Alternative earth friendly litters, made from pine, paper, corn or wheat, are widely available.  Cats are drawn to the natural scents of these litters and they are accepted by even the fussiest kitties.  Made from natural materials there is no need to worry about toxic dust or harsh chemicals that are harmful for both you and your pets.

One of my favorite litters, "Fresh News", is made from recycled paper obtained from a recycling program that benefits non-profit organizations.  This unique program not only benefits the environment but raises money for non-profit organizations as well.  And the product works great - no dust, good odor control and kitty approved.  For more information about this wonderful product visit their website at:

Natural homemade cleaners are economical, earth friendly and safe to use around your pets.  A vinegar based, all-purpose cleaner will clean surfaces and eliminate pet odors without chemical fumes or residue.  Simply mix water and white vinegar in a 9:1 ratio, fill a spray bottle and you're ready to clean! This cleaner is great for use on surfaces under and around food and water bowls to keep the area clean and fresh smelling. Cleaning with vinegar will also deter black ants that may be attracted to the food in warmer climates. No adverse chemical smells, no toxic residue and the scent of vinegar dissipates quickly.

Your dog knows a great way to benefit the earth and environment every day - take a walk! No need to drive to the park when you can extend your time outdoors and walk.  Both you and your pup will benefit from the fresh air and exercise.

Have a feline friend? Indoor cats can enjoy time outdoors too if they are taught to walk on a leash.  There are many different types of harness and leash systems made especially for cats. (Never use a leash attached to a collar to walk a cat as doing so can be dangerous for your kitty).  Properly trained, cats of any age can be taught to enjoy the outdoors on a leash but are usually much more receptive to the idea if they are taught as kittens. Once on the leash, the cat will take the lead with you following along.  While walking, you are simply guiding kitty to stay out of harms way.  Unlike walking a dog where you are in control.

Celebrate Earth Day every day. The earth, the environment, you and your pets will all enjoy the rewards.

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  1. I just cleaned up some ants around Jackson's food container. I'm going to try the vinegar cleaner. Thanks for the tip. I agree with your philosophy!