Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Don't Ask The Groundhog...Your Dog Knows When Spring Is On The Way

I know spring is coming without ever looking at the calendar, feeling the change in weather, or seeing spring bulbs starting to pop out of the ground. Although they are all signs of spring, the most accurate information comes from the dogs I walk.

Nothing excites a dog's nose like the change in seasons. Winter walks are challenging with snow covering up grassy areas and piling up around trees limiting the accessible sniffing areas. With everything frozen, even the uncovered area must loose their excitement. Although many dogs love the cold weather, live to climb to the top of snow piles, and hop and dig through piles of white, as the months drag on they seem to get bored with the frozen landscape.

I always wait for the day to come. We go out on our walk as usual, but as soon as we exit the door I can tell things are different. Their nose starts to twitch. Ears perk up. It's not long before I know a new season is upon us! Walks are no longer "walks" they are short stops from one sniff spot to another. Some spots smell so good it is difficult to drag them away! Do they smell the flowers ready to emerge from their winter hiding spots? Does the grass smell different as it awakens from its winter sleep? It makes me wish I could enjoy the scents of spring this early in the season but I will have to wait. When the flowers start to bloom and the trees start to bud I will finally be aware of the change of season by the slight changes in the scent of the wind. Until then I will enjoy the excitement I see from the dogs and anticipate the beautiful weather that will soon be here.

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