Saturday, August 10, 2013

Keeping Your Dog Happy, Healthy, and Well Groomed

Without proper grooming, my Sheltie, Dallas, becomes a matted mess. Frequent brushing helps but a visit to her favorite groomer is a must to keep her looking and feeling great. Dallas is always happy to go to "the spa", however, I am sure she doesn't realize the health benefits.  All she knows is that it is a nice place to visit.

Dallas is ready for her "Day at the Spa"
Dallas' day at the groomer includes:

Bath, Trim & Style  If her skin is dry, or a flea is found, she will have a soak with the proper special shampoo. She will be completely dried, brushed, trimmed, and styled. All very important to prevent matted fur which can be painful and cause skin damage and irritation. 

Nail Trim  Keeping nails trimmed is important for proper foot position when walking. It also prevents long nails from catching on carpets or other surfaces that could cause injury.

Teeth Brushing Helps to prevent tarter build-up that could lead to painful teeth and tooth loss. Unhealthy teeth and gums can lead to poor nutrition and weight loss. Brushing teeth also helps to keep breath smelling fresh.

Ear Cleaning  Keeping ears clean, and trimming long hairs around ears, helps prevent painful infections.

Care needs to be taken when choosing the right groomer for your dog. You will know when you have found the right fit when your dog is happy and willing to go. If your pup refuses to enter the shop it is probably time to go elsewhere.

Before taking your dog for the first time it is best to visit the salon and speak to the groomer.  Let them know your dog's breed and temperament. Don't keep any secrets. If your pup doesn't like to have their feet touched let them know. Does your usually sweet natured pooch suddenly growl when their face is touched? Definitely give the heads up.

Take a look around. Is the shop neat and clean? Do the other dogs there seem happy and content? Take note of the overall vibe of the salon.

When Dallas is done she always comes out with her tail wagging. I can tell she is happy and proud of her new look. Of course, no look is complete without a bandanna and bow!


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    1. Thank you! She just loves all the attention at the groomers...and her bow and bandanna :)