Friday, July 12, 2013

What If Your Dog Doesn't Like to Go For Walks?

Long walks with your dog can be fun, relaxing and great exercise for both you and your pup.  You get the leash, the clean up bags, a bottle of water and are ready to go. But what if your pup is not enthusiastic about walking? What do you do?

Suddenly refusing or avoiding physical activity may be a sign of injury or illness, so if this is new behavior a visit to the vet may be in order.  However, if you have recently adopted a new furry friend and want to encourage long walks or if your usually inactive pup needs some exercise here are some tips to get them up and moving.

Make sure the collar is not to tight or the leash too heavy.  You should be able to easily fit two fingers under your dog's collar - not too tight that it will choke but not so loose they can pull out.  It's also important to have the proper width lead with the appropriately sized hook. Using a wide,  heavy leash with a large heavy clasp is too much weight for a little dog to walk around with.

Schedule your walks at the same time each day.  Your dog will anticipate their daily walk if they know when to expect it each day.

Avoid extreme heat.  On hot days, walk in the early mornings or evenings when the sun is not as strong. Always bring along water for you and your pup to stay hydrated.

Bring along the treats. It always helps to have a little encouragement along the way.

Mix it up.  Travel different routes for your daily walks.  Your pup will be excited about the different sights, sounds and smells. They will enjoy going new places and having new experiences.

Most importantly, have fun. If you are excited about the walk your dog will be too.

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  1. I bring treats and mix up the places and Dakota still isn't thrilled about walking (he used to like walks til years ago when a garbage truck and some geese scared him on 2 separate occasions)
    Thanks for the tips!