Wednesday, August 15, 2012

What is Your Dog's Language?

Do you speak your dog's language? My pup has taught me to understand "Dallas"! No actual words are exchanged and the communication is mostly silent. Her actions, behavior and body language are what signals her needs and wants.

How do you know your dog needs to "go"?  Dallas runs around in circles.  Once she starts running laps around the dining room table I better grab the leash or open the back door!

Meal time? Without looking at the clock I know when it is getting close to Dallas's dinner time.  Even if I can't see her I can almost feel her staring at me, watching my every move.  At this point, I don't have to look far - I know she will be sitting by her empty food bowl at her dinner spot.

What does your pup do to say "I don't want you to leave"?  As I head to the door, car keys in hand (and no leash), Dallas knows I am leaving without her.  Her way of telling me not to go? She circles around my feet, nudging my ankles with her nose in an attempt to get me away from the door. A non-verbal "Don't leave...I want to come too!".

I want some TLC!  Dallas loves attention...especially scratches on her neck and under her ears.  To let me know she wants some love she uses a very silent but effective approach.  She will come to my side and stand there quietly with her eyes affixed on me.  When I look her way she will wag her tail, slowly at first but with increasing speed as her anticipation builds.  The cuteness approach - who could resist?

When she is happy and content I can usually find her lounging quietly in a cozy comfortable spot.  On a hot day, next to the air conditioning vent or under one of her favorite shady spots in the yard.  When there's a chill she will get cozy on a blanket or in a warm spot near a sunny window.  This is the sign of a happy pup, no additional communication is needed.


  1. It is so amazing how our furry friends communicate with us. I feel those same looks and nudges from Jackson. I love it when he looks at me and then his ball sitting on the floor in front of him. "Mom, it's time to play".