Thursday, August 23, 2012

Back to School with Your Pets

The house gets quieter, beds go empty, activity level changes...your pets wonder "what happened"? It's back to school time and for our pets it is one of the biggest transitional periods of the year. How do you keep your pets happy and stress free during this time?

Keep things consistent.

Differences in routines and schedules can negatively affect your pet.  Although family obligations and daily life may change try to keep your pet's routine the same.  Continue to give lots of love and attention, maintain regular meal schedule, and be patient with slight mood or behavior changes.

Don't forget their daily walks.

Increased demands on the family's time from the new school activities may lead to fewer or shorter walks for your pup which could be very detrimental.  Daily dog walks are important and can have a place within the busy school year.  Take your pup a quick, early morning wake-up walk around the block. Walking with your children to school or the bus stop? Take your dog along! Great for exercise, fresh air and social interaction.  After school is another great time for a quick walk - a great way to get some activity after sitting in a classroom all day.

Kids off to College?

When college students leave for school their furry friends left at home don't understand the empty beds and lost companionship.  Leave a soft blanket, towel or article of clothing on the bed where the pet usually sleeps to help reduce their stress.  This will provide them with a similar sleeping arrangement until holidays or vacations when the student returns. The Kitty Comfort Mat can help cats deal with stress in this, and similar, situations.

Long hours alone?

Summertime's activity is usually quite different than other times of the year when school and work commitments leave the house empty for long periods of time. To transition your pet to the decreased activity level and longer time spent alone ask a friend or family member to visit with the pet at times throughout the day, especially at the beginning when your pet is getting accustomed to the new routine. Consider enlisting the help of a professional pet sitter or dog walker in your area.  They can provide exercise, fun, and companionship to keep you pet happy, healthy and free of boredom that can lead to destructive behavior.

Show your love for your pet.                

Missing your furry friend when you're away?  Visit Paw Print Island Pet Boutique to see the Dog Collection Glass Magnet Set and Cat Collection Glass Magnet Set - cute glass magnets great for student lockers or dorm rooms. They make a great gift to send to your college student who is missing their furry friend!

Quickly the new schedule with become the old schedule and, before your know it, you and your pets will settle into the new routine.

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