Tuesday, March 20, 2012

To Honor Your Special Pet

No one is a better subject for photos than my dog.  She never objects, always has a happy expression on her face and the pictures always come out so cute!  If you love to take and display pictures of your pets as much as I do I know you will love to hear about these talented crafters and artisans who create wonderful products from your photos:

Irene's Artwork  

Irene of "Irene's Artwork" creates wonderful whimsical paintings of your pets. Her paintings not only capture your pets likeness but their personality as well. When placing a custom order she requests a photo and complete bio of your pet and then transforms it all into a beautiful painting. The results are amazing!  When I first saw her work it brought a huge smile to my face. Although I didn't know the subjects I could see and feel their personalities come alive through the paintings.

Visit Irene's Artwork Etsy shop:

Mailboxes and Stuff

Now your dog can greet the mailman every day...and never bark!  At "Mailboxes and Stuff", Susan and her family of artisans will custom design and create beautifully handcrafted mailboxes of your favorite furry, feathered (or finned!) friends. From a photo, they will create one in the likeness of your pet or you can choose from over 50 dog breeds, cats, wild animals, sea life and more. Cheerful and  fun, they are a unique way to provide a warm welcome to your home.  They are absolutely intriguing and I find myself revisiting their website often.

Visit Mailboxes and Stuff Website:

Custom Pet Portrait Pillows

A pet holds a special place in your heart and in your home.  Bonnie, shop owner of "MyBonnie - Custom Pet Portrait Pillows" will artistically applique your pet's image on a decorative pillow. Each one, custom designed and handmade,  is a magnificent work of art and sure to be a focal point of your home's decor. A unique way to honor a special pet in your life.  As it say's on her Etsy shop, MyBonnie, these pillows are a "Great gift for someone who loves their pet, or a comfort for those who have lost one."

Visit MyBonnie Etsy shop:

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