Sunday, March 25, 2012

Thanks to My Furry Friends

Since I have been walking with dogs things look a little more beautiful. I have been taught to see the joy in the details of daily life that had previously gone unnoticed. Never would I have imagined that daily dog walks and visits would become and enlightening experience. Thanks to my furry friends, I now see beauty in so many ways.

A Jack Russel friend, who loves the winter, taught me to enjoy a snowy day by creating artwork in his back yard. All he needed was freshly fallen snow and a tennis ball. I would throw the ball, he would  run, catch it and then get to work dragging it along through the snow in a variety of circles and angles. The results were beautiful - a true artist!

My sociable little Shichon friend who is known throughout his neighborhood. He knows everyone, and everyone knows him. My walks with him are always a meet and greet with friends and neighbors.  Everyone we see along the way will greet him by name. Kids come running, neighbors stop to greet him, other dogs out for walks wag their tails as they go by.  The friendliness is captivating and my walks with him always brightens my day. Beautiful!

Autumn walks provided endless fun for my little Schnoodle friend. Nothing seemed to make her happier than jumping on leaves as they floated down through the air or running and crunching through piles of those freshly fallen from their branches. Her joy made me more aware of the variety trees, how differently each leaf would float through the air and their magnificent color change as the season progressed. Pure joy - beautiful!

My daily walks have allowed me to see the change in season first hand and in real time.  As the days gradually get longer so do the evening walks. From the moment spring bulbs peek through the soil I see their daily growth into beautiful spring flowers. Now I see the transformation of seasons as a  mix of color and unique sights and sounds. I get to experience walking in snow as it falls, something I may have avoided if my furry friends were not there to show me how wonderful it could be.  Thanks to my furry friends who  continue to show me the true meaning of beautiful.

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  1. Beautifully said. We certainly do learn a lot from our furry friends. They are the best teachers in reminding you to enjoy the small moments that take place in our daily lives.