Sunday, December 22, 2013

7 Reasons To Walk Your Dog

There are lots of reasons to leash up your pup and "hit the road", "pound the pavement" or "take a stroll in the park". Running free in a fenced yard or playtime at a dog park are great but neither has as many health benefits as an old fashioned walk. I have compiled a list of my top seven reasons why you should walk your dog. Some of these reasons may surprise you.  Although the list is in no particular order, the first reason I am listing is my favorite.

1) A daily walk is a wonderful opportunity for bonding time with your pooch: There is nothing like experience long walks together in beautiful weather.  Although there will be days of rain, snow, or other inclement weather you need to take the bad with the good - together.

2) Walking is not only great exercise: Starting the day with an invigorating walk is a wonderful stress reliever.

3) Outdoor walking is great for your dog's feet: Walking on hard pavement will help file your dog's nails.

4) Dog's that get out and walk are better socialized: Running around in a fenced yard is very isolating. If your dog doesn't see people, other dogs and animals they will not learn proper behavior.

5) It helps them learn their neighborhood: As you walk with your dog they will learn the sounds and
smells of their neighborhood/ They will also mark their territory, leaving their scent along the way. This serves as a guide for them to find their way home in the event they wander away alone.

6) Walking is good for all ages: Puppies and young dogs need an outlet for their energy; adult dogs will benefit greatly from the daily exercise. Walking helps older dogs stay active in their senior years.

7) It helps prevent dogs from becoming fearful: Locked behind a high fence, dogs hear noises they don't understand and they have no way to investigate them. When out for a walk these noises surround them, they can see what they hear.  They take clues from you, their walker, that tells them if these noises are cause for alarm.

Nothing makes my dog, Dallas, happier than her daily walk. Even if it is just a short walk around the block I can tell she enjoys every minute...and so do I.


  1. Excellent post! Momma hadn't even thought about a couple of these, like learning the neighborhood & being able to investigate things.

  2. A morning walk gives your dog a chance to read the morning doggie newspaper. Sniffing around lets him know what is going on in the neighborhood.