Sunday, April 21, 2013

Daily Dog Walk? Mix It Up to Prevent Boredom

When walking your dog, do you travel in a usual route or do you like to mix things up? Dog's love to sniff and explore their neighborhood and travel a variety of routes to make each walk a new experience.

Dogs are also very much a creature of habit.  Even though I vary the routes we walk they remember certain spots that are a "must smell" or a designated "potty spot" that must be utilized. Dare I try to pass by these spots without stopping or think we can pass them unnoticed - my walking buddies always know where their favorite spots are!

Mixing up walks don't have to be a major change each time.  Simply walking on the opposite side of the street can make the walk a whole new experience. The element of surprise for each outing will keep your pup excited about their daily walk and keep them motivated to get out for some exercise and fun.

Many dogs also enjoy mixing up the time day which will also make the walk a new experience.  Early morning walks are a favorite of many dogs who enjoy the early morning scents and cooler temperatures. Surprise walks will keep your pup ready and happy for walks at all different times of the day and will prevent the daily walk from becoming a boring routine.

Your dog may also enjoy walking with a furry friend or in a group "pack walk". This type of walk will also be a wonderful social experience for all the pups involved.

Surprise your pup with an extra walk, a new route, or a walk with a friend.  Their tails will be wagging and all involved will enjoy see the daily walk in a whole new way.

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