Saturday, February 9, 2013

Simple Ways to Make Your Dog Smile

Dogs are always there, ready to bring joy and provide companionship whenever needed.  In return they never demand much – tasty food, a warm bed, a friend by their side. Surprise your best furry friend with something special that will make them smile.

Take an extra long walk
Grab the leash, call your pup, and head out for an extra long walk.  Let your furry friend sniff the grass and around trees. Allow them to explore new streets, see new sights and hear new sounds. Stop along the way to greet other dogs out for walks. 

Get out the brush
Treat your pup to a puppy spa. With a soft bristle brush a short coated pup will enjoy a nice massage. Those with long or thick coats will enjoy a brushing with a stiff or pin brush to remove mats and untangle fur. The result will be a happy, and relaxed, pup.

Challenging toys
Once I grab for the Kong, my dog's tail is sure to start wagging! One of her favorite pastime is finding new and innovative ways to get the treats to come out. Toys and activities that stimulate your dog's mind is a sure to make a happy pup.

Belly Rub!
Does your pup enjoy a good belly rub? Maybe some scratches under the ears or is more their style. You know what your dog likes best! Watch their tail start wagging as they enjoy the extra love and attention

Let them run free
Grab a ball, or other favorite outdoor toy, and head for the yard or dog park.  Anywhere where your pup can run free in a safe secure environment will have your pup running for joy. This will give them a chance to really stretch their legs, play, and use lots of excess energy. Older dogs will enjoy being free from the leash and the feel of the wind on their fur.

Supply a cozy spot with a view
On extra cold or hot days when venturing outside is less than ideal make a cozy widow spot for your pup. They will enjoy seeing what is happening outdoors even if they are inside. A cozy bed, a soft blanket on a couch or chair is the perfect spot where your pup can happily enjoy the view.

With these little things you will bring a wag to your furry friend's tail and a smile to your face.

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