Sunday, January 27, 2013

Paw Prints in the Snow

Paw prints in the snow.  Each set tells a story all their own, a unique tale of journey and exploration. Seeing them always makes me smile as I try hard to decipher what these beautiful designs are communicating to the world.

A continuous line of paw and foot prints I see as a picture of a dog and their human friend out for a wonderful winter walk. Uninterrupted prints shows a sense of happiness, both dog and human enjoying  a peaceful time together in a winter wonderland. When the prints go further than the eye can see it says "dedication" - even on a cold snowy day, this pup has a friend and together they are enjoying a long winter walk.

Pawprints in a circle...that makes me laugh. When my pup has to "go" she will walk around in circles that  get increasingly faster until she is almost in a spin. A clear ground leaves no tell tale signs but the snow shows her every  move.  After she is done, and continues on her walk, what she has left behind is a whimsical pattern of paw print circles. I know how they were created and every time I see them I imagine her in a spin creating her masterpiece.

Random paw prints. For those I picture a dog at play. Were they running back and forth in an enthusiastic game of fetch?  Are these prints a result of an excited puppy experiencing snow for the first time? Perhaps there are many random prints, the result of a puppy playdate perhaps?  So many possibilities of how they occurred but each one was the result of a dog enjoying a winter day.

The joys of winter through your pup's eyes is a playland of endless wonder. As they explore,  your dog will create a temporary work of art. With each snow fall the snow covered ground becomes a blank canvas for your pup to create a paw print masterpiece.

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