Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Some Dogs Need to Wear Sweaters

Does your pup like to dress up?  Dog couture is not only fun and fashionable but can also be functional, especially in areas with cold winter temperatures.  Some dogs love to dress up, and others not so much, but sometimes you don't know until you try.  My dog Dallas, a Shetland Sheep Dog, has too much long hair and fur to wear a sweater but she does like to be fancy sometimes.  After a recent visit to the doggie spa she returned sporting a pretty pink bow on her ear.  It was her first time with any type of accessory and I was a bit surprised to see how much she loved it!  For the rest of the day she really held her head high and pranced around - she knew how pretty she looked!

For some dogs, a sweater is a necessity in cold weather, including:

  • Small "tea cup" dogs
  • Hairless breeds
  • Breeds with slim bodies and short hair
  • Older dogs
Tiny dogs need protection from frigid temperatures. When venturing out on winter days with your little pup be sure they are kept warm in a sweater or cozy in a Dog Carrier Sling Bag. Same for small hairless or short haired breeds like the Chinese Crested or Chihuahua.  

Larger breeds with slim bodies and short hair, including the Miniature Pinchur, Whippet and Greyhound, may also need an extra layer for warmth when out for a walk in the cold or snow.  

Older dogs of any breed may benefit from the warmth of a sweater once the temperature starts to drop.  This includes dogs with a weakened immune system and those suffering from arthritis.

Dog Sweater Dress - Ready for the Party
Hand Knit Dog Sweater - Fiesta
No matter the reason, there are many types of sweaters, dresses and jackets to choose from. Choose the style that best fits your pups personality and style preference.  Make sure the sweater is sized correctly for easy dressing and is the correct warmth for the weather to avoid overheating.

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