Friday, September 28, 2012

Where Does Your Cat Like to Hide?

Having cats around the house is always an adventure.  Each one has it own unique personality and their own way of exploring their world.  Kittens are especially good at jumping, climbing, and hiding.  With a cat's natural curiosity times ten, a kitten is a little ball of energy with endless fascination.  As they grow and learn, they will continually surprise you with their newly learned abilities. Kittens are a lot of fun and, yes, can be a little naughty!  Everywhere is a place to explore and, to them, nothing is off-limits...

"Good Morning"!  Did not expect to find Violet hiding in the sink! Some cats have a fascination with water and will play in the water bowl and sit and sleep in the sink.

What could be more fun than a basket of nice, clean laundry?  But be aware...Socks make great toys and kitty may just run away with one!

Don't turn your back when putting your clothes away. Clothes drawers make a great hiding spot!

It's important to set limits for your kitty but since a cat's natural instinct is to climb, it's a good idea to provide high places where they are allowed to explore.  It can be as simple as a cozy spot on the back of a couch, a perch in a sunny window or something more elaborate - the possibilities are endless.

Kitty will probably even you...places they would like!  Where does your cat like to hide?

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