Saturday, September 22, 2012

A Treat for Every Occasion

Dogs hold treats in very high regard.  To a dog who aims to please, the treat represents the ultimate symbol of praise and acceptance.  Something as powerful as the treat needs to be taken very seriously.

When it comes to treats one size does not fit all. The size of your dog is one factor but the occasion for the treat is another.  The "occasion" refers to the reason your dog will get the treat since something with this much importance should never be given without a good reason.


For social and safety reasons we need to teach our furry friends the basic commands "sit", "stay", "come" and "heel".  When training, treats should be given after each command is properly performed.  At first, this may require a lot of tries and, therefore, lots of treats.  For this occasion: a small treat.

After walks

Going for a walk should be a pleasant experience for your and your pup, one that will be looked forward to with anticipation. What would make it even more exciting? A special treat at the end of each long walk!  For this occasion...a hard crunchy dental treat, size appropriate for your pup. This is also helps to maintain good oral hygiene - an added benefit.

A "Thank you" for a cooperative pup

Is there a necessary task that your pup does not like? Perhaps it's the bath, brushing & grooming, or having nails trimmed. When all is done nothing says "thank you" to your cooperative pup like a delicious treat. The treat for this occasion?  The favorite one!

Homemade Dog Treats
Each treat may be a little different but the common factor should be healthful ingredients. There have been many recalls and reports of dogs sickened or poisoned by toxic treats laden with harmful additives and chemicals. To ensure safety, make delicious, healthy treats at home or buy local from reputable sources like Laceys Barkery dedicated to making healthy treats from pure ingredients .

Have a reason for every treat, and a treat for every occasion, and you will have a happy and healthy pup every time.

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