Sunday, June 3, 2012

Pet Peeves

Although I don't want to be negative there are some things that need to be said.  There is nothing like a nice long walk with your pup on a beautiful day. Morning walks are the best, the neighborhood is quiet, the heat of the day has yet to settle in. I walk many dogs in many neighborhoods and I consistently see things that concern me. These things have become my pet peeves.

Little yellow signs

When the weather starts getting warmer, the grass starts to grow and you start to see the little yellow signs warning you to keep off the grass. The purpose is not to keep the grass healthy, rather it is a warning that toxic pesticides have been used. These signs represent pesticides so toxic that that it is necessary to give the warning with multiple signs.  Chemical pesticides not only pose a danger to our pets but seep into the soil and contaminate the ground water. Dogs that walk on this grass will get these chemicals on their paws, in their fur, in the house, on the furniture...

I like to see the lush green lawns that never have these little yellow signs.  I know these areas are treated with organic materials that feed the soil, nourish the grass and are not harmful to pets or the environment.

No leash

The neighborhoods where I walk are densely populated with many high traffic roads and dangerous intersections.   Then why are there so many dogs seen walking off the leash?  One snowy day as I was walking with my little Sheltie friend I noticed a large animal running towards us.  As the figure approached I realized it was a large dog, a Great Dane, quickly running in our direction. My Sheltie friend headed to the nearest snow bank and tried to tunnel into hiding.  Luckily, when the dog came over to us he was friendly and playful.  A man carrying a leash, who had been following about a block behind his dog, came into view.  As he approached, he called to his dog to keep walking, and away they went.  He showed no urgency in calling his dog and offered no apologies. All was fine but had I been walking a dog that had growled and challenged this dog things may have not gone as well.  There were icy conditions on the road that day - if this dog, in his excitement, ran in front of a car on his way to see me,the car may not have been able to stop. Please, for the safety of your dog and others, when walking on neighborhood streets, use the leash.

Please scoop the poop!

Seeing piles of forgotten poop on curbside grass quickly gets me annoyed. Especially if I did not watch where I stepped - removing it from the treads of sneakers is no fun.  There is also a cause for concern for the dogs I walk since some are very attracted to these piles and will want to get close and sniff (and some times try to eat) from them. This presents a health concern due to the possibility of spreading disease and parasites. All of this is easily preventable.  Please bring along a bag to clean up after your pup and then dispose of it in an outdoor trash can. Newspaper delivery bags are great for this a and it is a great way to reuse and recycle them.  However, I do recommend you first check these bags for any unexpected holes to avoid any...unnecessary mess.

Thank you for allowing me a time and a place to vent.  Now I am ready to go take a nice, long relaxing walk with my pup.  If I see you passing by I will give a smile, wave or "Good Morning". Please respond and acknowledge that I am there...another pet peeve of mine but I will leave that one for another day.

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