Sunday, March 11, 2012

What Time Is It...Spring Time!


Today I view as the unofficial start of Spring...daylight savings time.  Although spring does not officially arrive until March 20th, that extra hour of sunlight changes everything. Winter is over, summer cannot be far away.

The time change is significant, although the impact of the change is felt mainly because of the sun, not the time on a clock.  Makes me this the way our pets view time? Dogs and cats don't rely on a clock but, in my opinion, they know time. 

My weekly schedule of walks is very consistent.  I am there, same time every day, 5 days a week, for many dogs I walk.  Quite often I have been told that, on the two days I am not there, my furry friend go to wait by the door at their walk time, wondering where I am.  They don't know what day it is but they know what time it is!

Cats are equally aware of time.  When running late for scheduled visits I have been greeted with unhappy meows and a definite look of "where have you been!".  Same if I arrive greeting at the door, but upon entering I encounter a very confused kitty with a look of "you're not suppose to be her yet!". Again, no clock, they just know.

Our pet's inner clock can become very confused when time is pushed ahead for daylight savings.  To acclimate your pet to the change try to keep their schedule as consistent as possible. Adjust meal times and walk schedules gradually to give the appearance that time as remained the same.  Your dogs may not notice the change on the clock but they will notice the extra long evening walk they can enjoy before the sun goes down.


  1. Yeah! You are blogging now. Look forward to reading all your pet advice!

  2. I'm glad you are blogging and will look forward to your posts. I find it amazing that Jackson knows what time it is too. I'll be working and get a feeling that I'm being watched. It's Jackson staring at me, Mom it's 5:00, time to eat!